Monday, March 05, 2007

Left-coast idgits in the nooz again

California city to use birth control
to curb squirrel population
Since 1998, Santa Monica has been cited five times by Los Angeles County for squirrel overpopulation. But the suppression methods it has used, including euthanasia, have angered animal-loving activists.

City officials say the infertility shots offer a diplomatic solution.

Lock the freak-o "animal-loving activists" up in a room with a thousand skwerls and we'll see how long it takes them to call for the humane "culling" of the herd. With no natural enemies other than cars, and an abundant food supply, the varmints just keep making millions of babies. While I'm sure there are any number of "animal-loving activists" who think skwerl-babies are much to be desired over the human variety, we level-headed folks are supposed to be able to prevail over the kooks. Unfortunately, I think most of the kooks migrated to California and set up an entire enclave around Berkeley, Santa Monica, etc. Heck, let 'em start dropping dead from bubonic plague from flea-bites from the fuzztail rats and we'll see how willing they are to sacrifice their OWN human body on the altar of animal rights.

The vaccine, developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, stops ovulation and lactation in female squirrels, and testicular development in males. The shots, running $2 to $10, have no side effects such as swelling, said James Gionfriddo, a USDA wildlife biologist.

Good gravy, they're actually worried about "side effects such as swelling" in SKWERLS. It truly is the End of the World as We Know It.

Animal activist Catherine Rich said she supports the vaccine program but believes any health risk posed by the squirrels is overblown.

"There is not a pressing threat of squirrels attacking people," Rich said, "so I don't know why the county is getting their panties in a bunch."

Because there's too many, idgit. Anytime there's too many of a particular population crowded into one area, diseases and mayhem will ensue. Case in point -- too many freaky lefties crowded into coastal California = diseases and mayhem. Of course, it's kept in check because the freaky lefties are also ardent supporters of their favorite birth-control method, the abortion. This may be proving to be a defeat by attrition.

Let a few of my students loose in that park with their shotguns and we'll get your skwerl population down to a manageable level right quick. This isn't rocket science. But since when has anyone on the Left Coast actually been subject to reason and logic?

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