Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Night Fashionblogging

Found some, er, interesting items in the fashion photo roundup this evening. First up, we have an entry from Ukraine Fashion Week's FashionAID show, featuring the works of 30 designers which will be auctioned off to raise money for AIDS research:

It's a Drag Queen in a Bellybutton Dress. With a blue afro-wig. Walking in lovely red heels on what appears to be wire shelving. I can't make up anything funnier than the truth, here. (UPDATE: I can't imagine why I didn't put it together on this one... LJ reminded me that he's dressed as one of Dr. Seuss' "Things" ... but I'm guessing that since it's an AIDS benefit, the designer is doing a social-consciousness bit and saying that one of the Things lost his partner...)

Next up -- Mexico Fashion Week:

We have what now seems to be the trend -- facial fashion. This woman is wearing a creation by designer Felipe. The outfit might've been pretty. I don't know, because she appears to be wearing the remnants of Felipe's dryer-lint screen on her FACE.

Designer group Rexona Crystal looks like they had a whole bunch of extra black tulle which they wadded up wildly and forced their model to roll in. She couldn't get the black bra past her face, so it stuck there. And since she could no longer see, she was unable to find her shoes.

May God have mercy on all our souls... Grypho is heralding the return of the Aztec Warrior Maidens. They're coming for UR kids.

Finally, a few items from India Fashion Week:

If you don't like the Shroff-Gupta collection, you get nailed with a Super-Soaker.

Pandey, however, had some pretty (if overly khaki-colored) designs on display. The beading details were quite lovely.

Note the really pretty hemline. Oh, wait. I can't stop looking at the NASTY GRIMY MOTH-EATEN RAGDOLL. That is just gross!!

Why do they feel obligated to detract from an actually decent collection with crap like this?

All in all, I didn't really see anything that jazzed me up, per se. Not this week, anyway. Maybe next week? Stay tuned...

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