Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I am sorry there weren't any of the usual dailies hereabouts... last night just didn't find me in a frame of mind whereby I could perform even the most perfunctory of duties.

The job situation is stressing us both to the breaking point. Neither of us sleeps much, and I find myself feeling frustrated to the point of tears more often than I care to be. I'm not going to teach here in North Ruralville next year; we don't have much of a choice. We're just going to have to find someplace else to go where the jobs are more plentiful and the housing isn't astronomically high. I don't even know if that place exists, to be truthful. There are cheap places to be had, but they're so far away from normal civilization that it's just not feasible to live there because of the high gas prices. A homeless shelter somewhere is beginning to look like a viable option at this point.

Maybe I sound over-dramatic to you... and if that's so, well, you're free to think whatever you like. We're just running out of options. Fast. We don't really need hand-outs so much as we need a clear direction to move in. It's a little (no, a LOT) scary to be so close to the edge with kids who depend on us, and without a clue what we're supposed to do or where we're supposed to go next. Or even how we're going to get where we're supposed to go, since we haven't got dime one left to get us there.

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