Monday, February 05, 2007

The Wifely Duty

No, doofus. Not THAT one. [shudder] Get real. We're old people. And we're tired people. We can't be bothered with that sort of nonsense.

I'm talking about the once-a-month haircut and shoulder-shearing I've been doing for the old man for sixteen years now, give or take one or two store-boughten hairdos when I've been unable to perform my duty.

Yep, tonight was the night.

There are quite a few more white, wiry bits than there were sixteen years ago, that's for sure. But all in all it's been the same thing, month in and month out. I talked him into letting me do a super-short buzz once, several years ago, but he didn't like it, so he went back to the usual. Hey, at least it's uncomplicated.

I did point out that the top is looking significantly thinner. He suggested he could grow a beard and do the beard-combover thing from the Sierra Mist commercial. Nah, I said. I'll just take the stuff I shear off your back and shoulders and Super-Glue it to the top. He agreed -- no combover.

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