Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Evil and STOOPID skwerl

From the Dallas Morning News:

Sticky situation for squirrel

When wildlife technician Joe Warner [was dispatched] to the scene in the 1700 block of East Elmore Avenue in East Oak Cliff, he expected to find a squirrel sitting in a hole with “its head poking out, watching the goofy people.”


Mr. Warner got a ladder and a handsaw and began to work. For the next 45 minutes, he carefully sawed around the squirrel, picking away at the tree to create enough room to ease out the critter.

Within seconds of gaining freedom, the squirrel quickly jumped back on the tree and scurried away.

So how did the squirrel get stuck? Too many nuts? Mr. Warner’s theory: the squirrel was pregnant.

I could've saved him 45 minutes of his life that are now gone forever, and I would've had some stew for supper as a bonus.

The article mentions that Warner, who works for a company called 911 Wildlife, answers squirrel calls on a daily basis. This makes me ashamed to be an American, I tell you. Where are the rugged individualists who aren't afraid to bust a cap in a pesky varmint and who don't scream for help like a little girl who can't swat a fly?


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