Monday, February 05, 2007

Emerging from the germ-laden fog

I can finally tell we're beginning to get better around here: Isaac's inventing again.

This has been a loooong week, and we're not completely done with it yet. Neither Rick nor I can remember a time when a germ totally wiped out the entire family like this. I actually took Isaac to the ER yesterday because a)his fever just wasn't going away and b)his airway sounded like it was shutting down. They thought he sounded bad, too, and X-rayed his chest thinking he was a classic case of lower-lobe pneumonia. We were all rather surprised when the films came back and his lungs were clear... but we were thankful, too.

Everybody's still a little weak; Alice was the last one to come down with it, so she's still pretty puny. Sweet little thing asks permission to blink her eyes, she's so compliant. She came to me a few minutes ago and asked if she could take a nap. I told her she could, but she had to get a drink of water first. I'm trying, here! Shoving Sprite and chicken soup in their faces every chance I get... and feeling like pigpoop myself in the middle of it. Mom's not allowed to be sick, you know.

I am so thankful that our district has this wacky winter-break built in to the first weekend of February. Last Friday and today we were out of school, and while it's a bummer to spend the vacation sick, it's fortuitous because I didn't have to miss any work.

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