Friday, January 05, 2007

Today's fortune cookie

How does a teacher get a promotion? Don't answer that. It ain't by becoming a principal or a guidance counselor. I wouldn't take either of those jobs if you paid me double my salary.

Back when Sunday School was divided solely by age, there was always this one class of little old grannies who stayed in that class until they promoted to Heaven.

I can safely say that that does not apply in this instance. Note the qualifying phrase "because of your accomplishments." Access to Heaven isn't granted based on accomplishments... at least, not MY accomplishments. So it's not saying I'm about to assume room temperature.

I'm trying to think... the only thing I can think of that would be a promotion would be if they created a full-time Art position and put me in it. Heck, I'd do both campii (Elem and HS) if they'd do that. But they won't. The district's funds are practically nonexistent, so adding a new faculty position probably isn't on the board's To-Do list.

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