Thursday, January 11, 2007

Some interesting photos

A few photos from the news that I spotted and decided to share:

These guys are South Korean soldiers, something like special forces, and they're out in the snow, inuring themselves against the elements. Or, like that guy in the middle, giving themselves snow boobies.

The Three Stooges! Actually, it's Ortega from Nicaragua, Morales from Bolivia, and Chavez from Venezuela... all three leftard banana-republic dictators from the distinguished Castro School of Power.

Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn, newest members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Nyah, nyah, McGwire. I'm so sick of fake heroes. Barry Bonds should be kicked out of baseball permanently and ostracized from polite society. Either that, or they create a Substance Abuse League, just for the users. McGwire and Bonds and anyone else who needled their way to athletic fame deserve the scorn they're getting.

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