Sunday, January 28, 2007

Musical possibilities???

Back when I was still in Iowa but getting ready to head down here, I was browsing around on the internet, looking for web sites of bands in the general area. I found a site called BandMix that is a little like the of the music world, and I signed up. It seemed like a pretty good way to link up with other musicians and bands.

I didn't really hear much from it, but that was okay. I have been so busy and stressed-out with the whole cross-country move thing, and I didn't really have time to join a band again. They do send a once-weekly e-mail with a list of recent sign-ups and what they're looking for (keyboards, bass player, etc.), and I usually scan it, but not too seriously.

I saw the e-mail today and browsed through it (in between sneezes) and saw a Christian band in Ardmore, Oklahoma (about 40 miles north of me). I looked at their profile and thought they looked interesting, but then deleted the e-mail and went on with blogging and sleeping and didn't give it another thought.

Well, they apparently found MY profile on there as well, because they contacted ME. I've chatted with them on the phone just now, and I'm going to go meet them this Thursday night and see if it's a possibility.

More to come.

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