Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More fashion-blogging

I apologize in advance to those of you who are repulsed by my fashion-blogging. There's just so much out there right now to poke fun of... take, for example, Ashley Olsen at the Golden Globes.

Nice glasses, Ash. Oh, wait... those aren't glasses? They're her eyeliner? Eesh, why do these girls always look like death warmed-over? Somebody give her a sandwich and help her button her blouse, k? My twelve-year-old daughter might see this...

Anyhoo, back to Milan Men's Fashion Week. First up, an Armani offering.

Speaking of death warmed-over, everything in the Armani collection this time around (including the models) looked like something from Corpse Bride. Sorry, I'm just not going for the blue-lipped cadaver thing.

Calvin Klein's line was much more mainstream. And lest you think that mainstream = boring, forget it. Nice job, CK. Me likee.

Another CK; very handsome, very approachable.

And then there was Etro... the look is very old-school college-campus, but can I get a witness up in here for this yummy, yummy model? Woof!!

And then I just couldn't believe the Fendi line. These are MEN.

MEN, I tell you.

Hard to imagine, but I think it's probably true. It appeared to me as though Fendi was targeting the gender-ambiguity market. Most of the models carried at least one and sometimes two purses. This one had a couple of purses AND a high furry collar to de-emphasize the masculine chin shape. The wide comb-over finished me off.

Here, the guy actually looks like a guy and has on a rather fetching double-breasted suit, but then it was covered up by a SHAWL.

Ooh, spah-ka-lee!!! This poor schmuck had to emerge onto the runway wearing a sequined vest. Does the Manolo classify this as a jeweled sweater in the "holiday" tradition?

And then finally, a fairly decent-looking, manly man in the Fendi line... oh, and he's carrying TWO purses.

I couldn't resist including this one, from Marni. I saw these "medieval Shakespeare" leggings on several of Adrienne Westwood's models as well, and it just cracks me up. Leggings? Leggings? Oh come on, why not take it the whole way and give them the poofy-butt shorts so they can stand around with rapiers and "bite their thumbs" and all that sort of silliness?

So can't you see? It was just too easy. I just can't NOT make fun of some of these ridiculous getups.

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