Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A little better, still

I felt somewhat better again today, but this particular virus really kicked my can. Sheesh. I hate feeling like roadkill. I don't guess anyone relishes that, though.

I'm hoping things are looking up. Rick is going to continue job-searching, but y'all pray he finds one soon, okay? I don't think he's really been looking earnestly, since there's been so much else to do in recent days and weeks, but it's time he hits the pavement for real. We're all getting a little stir-crazy here.

One of our next-door neighbors is one of my students. His dog, a female pitbull mix, is about to have puppies any day now. They think that the father is a roaming choc-Lab who dug his way under their fence to visit, but I suppose we'll find out soon, won't we? I'm looking forward to seeing the puppies; they're liable to be really cute. Their mom is the sweetest, loviest dog you could ever meet, without an aggressive bone in her body (seriously).

I'm supposed to go to a seminar on the TAKS test (the state standardized test for Texas) next week, and I'll be able to get a sub for the day. Wahoo! It's in Plano, which means I might get to do a lil' Christmas shopping in the afternoon after the seminar is over.

This week, however, I'm meeting a friend of mine face to face for the first time. I'll try to get some pix to share. It's always so kewl when I meet fellow bloggers. She and I have been blogging for very nearly the exact same amount of time, and we both have the same blogmommy as well. Now we're finally going to get to meet. Can't wait!!!! [happy dancing]

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