Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Basketball Bewilderment

Martha played in her very first basketball game (pre-season) last Saturday and, for the most part, stood around looking very, very confused. That's okay, because she has a terrific coach (a high school senior) and because there are several extremely scrappy girls on the team who more than make up for her lack of know-how, aggressiveness, and intuition.

Our team, the Wizards, won handily; the score was 14 to 8, I believe. Even though she contributed not a single thing to the game (I mean that literally; she didn't block anyone, took a pass once by sheer accident and threw it away as quickly as she could as if it were made of molten lava), she was absolutely stoked by the win and is quite excited about being a "basketball player." Let's hope she eventually starts to catch on and play the game!

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