Monday, October 02, 2006

The ugly American...

...grey squirrel.

Apparently our larger, ruder grey skwerls have infiltrated decent and proper British skwerl society and are putting the decent and stiff-upper-lipped red skwerls out of bidness. From the BBC:
The real problem is that while the two squirrel types have similar appetites, their table manners are poles apart.

Quite the little lady and gentleman, our own red squirrels wait for nuts and seeds to mature.

The brash American greys though observe no such etiquette.

The bigger grey, will grab whatever is to hand, eating barely ripened nuts and seeds.

So picture the scene, as the grey squirrels gather in their harvest, they leave little or nothing for the more conservative red squirrels.

Rude Americans! I'll bet the rotten stinks don't even hold their pinkys out when taking tea...

Here's to the ones who want to cull the vermin. More power to ya. Kill 'em all, the scoundrels.

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