Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Supplemental Services?? I need some!!

My daughter brought home a form this afternoon. The front was in English, the back in Spanish, but here's what it asked for:

Your child may be eligible for supplemental services if he/she qualifies as a migratory student. To help us, please answer the following questions. If you qualify, we will contact you for further information. Please return this form to your child's school as soon as possible.

Name of student:
Name of parent/guardian:
Home address:

Has your family left the school district to look for work in the last three years?
If yes, from (city, state or country) to (city, state or country)
Did you move in search of work?
If YES, did you look for or obtain work in any of the following activities (X those that apply):

___Agriculture (Preparing soil, planting fruits/vegetables, irrigating fruits/vegetables, harvesting fruits/vegetables, transporting fruits/vegetables, packing fruits/vegetables, canning fruits/vegetables)

___Livestock (Horses, deer, cows, herding, feeding, loading and unloading livestock, transporting livestock, processing, packing meat)

___Chicken (Building/cleaning coops, feeding chicks, gathering eggs, transporting chickens, processing chickens, packing and icing parts)

___Fishing (Washing nets, sorting and cleaning fish, shrimp, oysters or crawfish, filleting fish, marinating, canning, labeling fish, transporting fish)

___Dairy cows (Calving, feeding calves, herding, milking, building/repairing fences, transporting)

___Nursery (Irrigation, potting, cultivating, planting, weeding, cutting trees for Christmas)

Was the work ___Temporary or ___Seasonal?

School District:


I am continually shocked and amazed at the evolution of public education. It seems to me now to be merely rewarding those who are best at filling out forms and documenting this or that. Forget actual TEACHING, and forget STUDENTS. It isn't about them anymore. At least, not the ones who behave themselves, whose families pay taxes and keep regular jobs, or who excel academically.

I'm just dumbfounded that so many of my peers just blindly and blithely go along with all of it. I am truly beginning to see that those in the teaching profession are being punished from every angle. Nevermind the abysmal salary. Or the fact that there's really no way one can actually accomplish the task unless you arrive at 6AM and leave at 6PM. It's our fault that Johnny can't read. I was actually berated by the DRAMA coach last week because the kids can't write a formal letter. This is MY fault?!?

He marched into my classroom today and asked for a Grammar textbook so he himself could teach them to write.

I have had these kids for a total of nine weeks, and the best I can get is about a 10% rate of HOMEWORK COMPLETION. "I didn't do it. I had Volleyball practice." Heck, I'm just trying to get them to finish a bleeping assignment... how -- nay, when -- am I supposed to teach them to write?

I am so tired, and I'm not even staying up late the way I used to. Last Thursday, during the last period of the day, everyone was reading quietly and I sat at my desk to do something. My head was pounding, and I put my head in my hands for a moment. The next thing I knew, the principal was standing over my desk.

Today I received a very stern official warning that I have to sign and return, to be put into my permanent file. Sleeping in class is unacceptable, and is a terrible example to my students as well as a serious safety risk, blahblahblah. Copied to the superintendent, to be followed by administrative action if I make some other kind of mistake somewhere, yaddayadda.

I wanted to die, right there on the spot. I just can't win. Is there some kind of target painted on my back or something?

Can I have some of those supplemental services now? I'm tempted to fill out that form and answer Yes... let's see... herding (check), feeding (check), loading and unloading livestock (do kids count?)... yep. Call me Migrant Mom, and hand over the checks. Se habla espanol.

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