Sunday, October 15, 2006

Repair hiatus

No, I won't stop blogging, but there won't be a daily fortune cookie for a while until my laptop is repaired because I'm having to use this old iMac with ancient OS9, and Blogger just *barely* supports it. I can't format my posts with pictures or even bold or italic type because those functions aren't available to me on this browser.

I continue to be quite aggravated with Toshiba's product. The laptop has been great, no problems, but the Recovery CD they issued to me, which gives simple instructions for wiping the hard drive and using the CD to start over, did not work and was horribly glitchy. My hard drive "wiped" I think, but would not recover.

I hate viruses and spyware. There's a special level of Hell for those who propagate them.

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