Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesday stuff

I've had several nasty headaches again lately. Today the kids and I all skipped school and went to a new family doctor -- I had looked at the list of providers from my insurance and, not knowing anything about any of them, shut my eyes and poked my finger and landed on this lady. I made the appointments for all of us to come in at once and establish ourselves with a family doctor so I can stop leaving "Family Doctor" blank on forms I fill out for the kids and myself.

She was really nice... probably a leetle more physically energetic and aggressive than our Des Moines doc, but that's okay I suppose. She listened to our histories and made reasonable judgments concerning all the prescriptions and treatments and such. She wasn't too stiff or formal, which was something I was looking for, and she seemed to genuinely like my kids -- which was a BIG part of my decision whether or not to remain in her care.

My BP has continued to inch upward despite my medication, which would seem to be an obvious cause of my recent upsurge in headaches. I've also put on about twenty pounds since the life upheaval began late last winter. I'm hoping that settling down and getting my medications adjusted properly will help adjust that back downward... as well as my blood pressure. I really, truly don't want to repeat this spring's bizarre health swings. I've tipped over into full-blown Type 2 diabetes, unfortunately, which is complicating matters, so now I get to start doing the little blood test thingy. [sigh]

The kids all had to have updated immunizations, which wasn't a popular thing. As you might possibly conclude, Isaac was the toughest of all of them and did NOT cry or pitch a fit. He was stoically brave, and although I could tell he was quite anxious about having to have one, he didn't shed a single tear. Alice didn't pitch a fit, but her little arms are so thin that I know it had to hurt to get a shot in them. She's accustomed to shots in the thigh (which she also had to have today) but the HepA booster stung a little more than she could bear, so she squeezed out a few quiet tears. And then there was the Twelve-Year-Old Drama Queen, who, despite her advanced age and adult size, howled and thrashed like a toddler!! How pathetic is that?

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