Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My kids' latest fave

I bought a jar of Patak's Korma sauce (coconut & cream) at World Market, just to give it a try, and discovered that my kids went berserk with delight over it. It's savory without being too spicy, which is a must for them, and it's rich enough to make eating chicken worthwhile even for me (and you know I'm not a fan of chicken, personally).

I take chicken thighs, chop them up into chunks and brown them gently in a medium skillet. When there's no more pink, I open this lovely jar and pour out the rich golden goodness into the skillet with the chicken. I simmer it for about ten minutes or so, then pour it over hot cooked Basmati rice.

Isaac will even choose this over Oreos. I kid you not.

I also tried their jar of Tikka Masala sauce and found it to be quite lovely. Probably not as good as SarahK's homemade stuff, but for a very busy mom of three with no time on her hands, it certainly ain't bad.

I had gone into World Market hoping to find Patak's Vindaloo curry paste, but they don't carry it. I'll have to get it elsewhere... Rick will be here in a week and a half, and I'd like to welcome him with some yummy spicy stuff. The kids won't touch Vindaloo, but Rick and I are very fond of it. He likes chicken or prawn vindaloo, while I prefer the lamb (if it's tender).

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