Monday, September 25, 2006

The Manolo has the last word

Went over to the Shoe Blog just now, and The Super-Fantastic One himself has put on display the final nail in the coffin of the Crocs shoes:

Dear Rosie,

Not that you care or anything, but I used to like you a whole lot. And then you got angry. I try to stay away from people who are consistently and perpetually angry because it's such a downer. I wouldn't even have minded so much that you prefer other girls to boys -- that's a separate issue and doesn't have to spoil anything. (See Ellen DeGeneres) I stopped watching you because of your vitriol, not because of your sex life.

That, and the fact that you'd be seen in public wearing bright yellow Crocs... well, that pretty much tells me that you're stuck in childhood... which is pretty much what I was thinking anyway, since you're so angry all the time and you've talked about how crappy your childhood was, etc... Any-hoo, I sincerely pray that someone close to you will be bold enough to share the love of God with you, because He really does love you more than imperfect human parents ever could, even good ones.

Crocs aside, I'd love to see you be able to find real, lasting peace and joy... that's certainly more important that what you wear.

A former fan

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