Monday, September 18, 2006

From Drudge...

Mon Sep 18 2006 18:38:19 ET

NBC has given the green light to include Madonna-on-the-Cross footage in an upcoming November Sweeps concert special!

In the show, Madonna, wearing a gittered crown of thorns, descends on a suspended mirrored, disco ball-type cross singing her hit 'Live To Tell.'

NBC suit Kevin Reilly said Madonna considered the crucifixion a highlight of her show.

"We viewed it and didn't see it as being inappropriate," NBC explained.


Yep. The crazed Christians are out in force, setting fire to NBC studios and murdering random journalists, execution-style. Right, Rosie? You're the one who said they're as dangerous as the Islamic terrorists. Let's see you back that up, honey... you've got the choice of being locked in a room with an Islamic fundamentalist suicide bomber or a Christian fundamentalist (sorry, there aren't any Christian suicide bombers, so we can't make it equal here). Which one are you going to choose?

Mmm-hmmm. Of course NBC viewed it and didn't see it as being inappropriate -- because Christians aren't militant freaks out to murder people for denigrating their beliefs. No, we're used to it... and it's part of our belief system to allow people to be unbelievers if they choose to be, since it isn't our job to do what only God can do -- change people's hearts.

I personally don't care if Madonna does this crap and if NBC broadcasts it. They're "lost" people, and how can I expect them to behave any differently?

However, I do find it pathetically ironic that the whole world seems to fall all over itself to keep from offending Muslims, but it's fair game to insult Christians and Christianity. The only reason why -- that I can ferret out -- is the fear of being murdered on the street somewhere by a crazed Muslim. There just aren't enough instances of freakos murdering abortion doctors to come anywhere close to equating to the murderous nature of Islam throughout the world. That old argument doesn't hold sway with me anymore.

Rosie O'Donnell used to be someone I thought was funny and entertaining. Now she's just severely sick and messed up; anyone who thinks they should be just as afraid of Christians as of Muslims is just not playing with anywhere near a full deck of Bicycles. And one thing I have learned in the last eleven years is that some people really are just mentally ill, even though they may seem somewhat normal, and you just can't expect logical conclusions from someone who's mentally ill.

Skwerls should be afraid of me. Spiders should be afraid of me.

Rosie O'Donnell need not fear me.

UPDATE: From Steve at HogOnIce:

Finally, Muslims are mad because the Pope criticized Islam. Imagine that. A guy who runs one religion, telling people he's not real fond of another one.

You can tell people don't believe in God any more, because we now have the moronic idea that all religions are basically the same. In spite of the fact that most religions hold that followers of other religions are idiots who are going to hell or doomed to be reincarnated as pubic lice or something. You know what? The Pope is SUPPOSED to hate Islam. Duh, people.

Everyone is mad at the Pope, but no one is particularly mad at the Muslims who are now threatening to kill him. Because we have totally given up on Muslims acting like adults and we expect this kind of hysterical BS from them. I wish I had that kind of deal. I'd go to a car dealership and drive away with a new Mercedes, shaking my fist out the window and yelling, "I AM TAKING THIS SUV IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, JEW BASTARDS!" and instead of calling the cops, the people at the dealership would just shrug and go, "Muslim. Go figure." And then they'd try to impeach the salesman who gave me the keys.

Hey, there's an idea...

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