Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Activities, activities, activities

Martha's first volleyball game was last Saturday morning. Her team lost, but has lots of potential. Martha has the least amount of experience of all the girls, so she has some catching-up to do, but she did actually get one of her serves over the net and I was really proud of her.

My lil' Cub Scout! I just love the little blue and gold shirts they still wear. I'm glad they still have basically the same outfit they always had. The "slide" on his neckerchief was one they made one week, in honor of their animal studies. Tonight's pack meeting was rather exciting; they got to touch a tarantula, a boa constrictor, a prairie dog and a porcupine, all of which were brought by a wildlife expert.

Taekwondo rocks!!! Both the kids have really enjoyed their taekwondo classes every Tuesday afternoon. I'm pleased at Alice's progress; that little girl never ceases to surprise me with her ability to step up and do things in spite of her significant limitations. Doing all the physical movements is so helpful for her sense of balance and coordination.

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