Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Tribute

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Balewa Albert Blackman

age 26

Killed in the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001
Employee of Cantor Fitzgerald
Resident of New York, N.Y. (USA)

Balewa Albert Blackman worked as an accountant, but that was the least of it. "He liked a lot of different things," said his sister, Susan McMillian. Which explains, sort of, how a man with an undergraduate degree in biochemical engineering wound up working as a junior accountant at Cantor Fitzgerald by day and as a D.J. at small clubs -- jazz, rhythm and blues, hip-hop -- at night, which "was just something he did on the side, because he loves music so much," Ms. McMillian said.

Never one to take his sidelines lightly, Mr. Blackman had also been training since August in a Navy Seals-type fitness program, which involved getting up at dawn and getting used to swimming with fins and running in boots. By the end of the program, Ms. McMillian said, her brother, who stood about 5-foot-5, would have been able to complete a 500-yard swim in under 10 minutes, 100 push-ups in 2 minutes, 200 situps in 2 minutes and a 1.5-mile run in under 9 minutes.

"He liked the idea of not just doing the physical work, but also learning how to think like a Navy Seal person," she said. "He liked things that are conditioning for the body, but also conditioning for the mind."

Balewa Albert Blackman was Jamaican.

Keisha DePass wrote of Blackman:
I went to college with Balewa,. I thought about him today. I remember how much he stuttered when he was anxious; I remember he had crush on my roomate; I remember how much trouble he would get into in chemistry class; I remember how much he would make me laugh. I remember a lot about Balewa. To his family I want them to know he is missed..

Marie Turock wrote:
I went to college with Balewa - he was in one of my Communications classes. I had a dream about him last night (9/14/05) and decided to Google him today. I am lost for words - I had no idea he was in those buildings on September 11. I don't know what sparked the dream, but all I know is that I was thinking about him and wondering what he was doing. My thoughts are with Balewa's family and friends - I cannot believe that such a wonderful and unique person is no longer with us.

Kimberly Keith-Shropshire wrote:
I also went to Cornell with Balewa. Although I do not recall having classes with him, I remember him most for playing video games in RPU and how passionate he was about it. We strive so hard in life to beat the odds, get a good education and try to make something better of ourselves. At times, it may seem in vain, but it is all God's divine timing. I know you are and will continue to be missed.

Never, never, never, never forget.

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