Wednesday, September 06, 2006

100-Word Story

Okay, Lair, since you begged so beautifully, here's my entry into the 100-Word Stories Podcast Weekly Challenge #21. The theme this week was "time travel." Here's my 100-Word Story:

That Was Easy

The best idea anyone ever had, Sam thought, bringing the Easy Button into her SAT. Now I can extend the time limit if I need to.

She couldn't resist pushing the red plastic disc, just once. "That was easy," it chirped.

The glares of the others in the room went unheeded. Sam placed the Easy Button gingerly beside her blank exam paper, opened her booklet and began. After a few minutes, she stretched her arms, inadvertently bumping the Button.

"That was easy," it chirped.

She blinked in the bright, heavenly light. Oh, crap, she thought. Stupid thing must've gotten stuck.

After Friday at midnight, Lair's going to compile everyone's entry into one podcast recording and post it at the Podcasting Is Full Of Crap site; y'all go vote for me then, but only if you like mine better than the others. I doubt it; there are some naturally very funny people who enter this contest. But again, Lair groveled so sincerely, I felt I couldn't say no.

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