Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Night Before The First Day Of Work

I hate having to endure the night before some big event.

I had a really jam-packed day (took MaSu to a doctor's appointment in Big D, went shoe-shopping with her afterward, then shopped for school supplies) and I was super-sleepy, so I thought I'd go to bed -- thus sparing myself the agony of worrying about tomorrow's Gaping Unknown. Yes, it was only eight thirty, but I really was sleepy, and was just about to drift off into LaLaLand when



It was my aunty in OkraHoma. My kids are spending a few days up there with them, and she was calling to let me know that Buddy-Boy took a spill off the bicycle. The bicycle went one way, and his face went another. He's always been a little anxious about the fact that he hasn't lost any teeth yet... well, that's not a problem anymore. His top left lateral incisor is now gone! I'm thankful it was just a baby tooth.

She had a doctor friend stop by the house to check him over, and they're pretty confident he doesn't need stitches in that upper lip. Nor do they think he has a concussion, because he's been pretty lucid.

I hope they don't take school pictures on the first day of school. He's going to have quite a rakish appearance, for sure. Probably a good thing, since he's such a small kid. It'll look like he's tough and that nobody better mess with him.

I'll post pix as soon as I get some tomorrow.

And, of course, it's going to take me a little while to settle back down and get back to bed.

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