Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, we have INTERNET ACCESS IN OUR HOUSE!!!


They hooked up the cable yesterday as well, so I feel like we're once again connected with the rest of the world. Give me FOXnews, the Weather Channel, and high-speed internet, and I'll be just fine.

I signed the girls' special-education paperwork this morning and spoke to the school's diagnostician. We'll see if this plays out here, but from my experience, the actual in-classroom education has little or no bearing on what paperwork each state or district requires. They all have their own forms and buzzwords, but it all means very little because everything looks pretty much the same in practice.

When I went to the elementary school to meet with the diagnostician this morning, as I walked to the front door I noticed that they had taped papers to the door listing classes and teachers. Just taped right out there for anyone to see. This is definitely Mayberry. When I went inside, there were lots of wall decorations made out of colored butcher-paper, and I'm pretty sure it had been recycled from one of the local church's Vacation Bible School decorations. Heh.

Some of the window blinds here in the rent-house were in an advanced state of decrepitude, so I've been replacing them this morning. Next on the list is a handheld showerhead; we started using one of those ten years ago and prefer them to the regular kind now.

Daddy Dazzle was able to finagle some time off from work this weekend, so the kids are all eagerly anticipating his arrival. I'm going to slow-cook a beef brisket to welcome him; I figure he hasn't had a decent home-cooked meal since we left.

Yesterday was an adventure, although I did not photograph it. We visited the IKEA store. WOW. That's quite a place. We went because I had seen a bunkbed setup in their catalog and wanted to get it for the girls' room. We brought it home in Poppi's truck and Poppi spent a couple of hours putting it together for us. They were delighted to sleep on real beds again.

Well, I need to log off and get back to work. I'll post a fortune cookie and an English lesson first, though.

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