Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The hills are STILL alive with the sound of music!!

Or at least with the sound of the vonTrapp descendants, that is.

Young vonTrapp singers ready for their closeup

Four decades after Julie Andrews climbed every mountain and married a widowed naval captain in "The Sound of Music," his real-life great grandchildren are hoping to make movie magic of their own.

The four von Trapp family descendants -- Sofia, 18, Melanie, 16, Amanda, 15, and Justin, 11 -- are taking time off from a world tour as a sibling singing act to star in a Christmas-themed feature film in the works for next year.

Hokey, maybe, but it sounds like fun nonetheless. I'm looking forward to it. Count me in as a die-hard, lifelong fan of The Sound Of Music anyway, I know that real life is far from that fairytale... but it's a nice fairytale anyway. And I'm glad that there are still some members of the family who sing and perform.

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