Saturday, July 01, 2006

"We gonna jive... on I-35..."

We arrived at our destination 'round midnight after an uneventful jaunt down Interstate 35 from Iowa ("Is this heaven?") to Texas (God's country). Along the way we listened to the soundtrack from Cars, and I also taught the kids to sing "O-o-o-o-OK-lahoma where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain!" which they thought was just the bomb. And because of Cars they're now interested in Route 66, so prolly on the way back north, when we hit "Oklahoma City, shore looks pretty!", we'll saunter off the Interstate to get some quick kicks on Route 66. Wish we had time to drive all the way west toward Amarillo to see those cool cars buried sticking up out of the dirt. Ain't nothin' like Route Sixty-Six, an' that's the fact. Yeah, you Yankees, y'all don't EVEN know -- that movie spoke to the SOUL of a goodly number of us flyovers, no question about it.

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