Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Texas... at last

After quite a long drive, we finally made it to my Mom's house a few minutes ago and I am PLUMB TARRED, as they say 'round these parts. Actually, I'm mentally quite alert... it's just that me bum's numb. Tried to blog from one truck stop that had wi-fi, but for some reason my computer just didn't want to connect to their service.

I brought my suitcase in, my laptop, my portable fan, and SweetBaby (my guitar). The rest can wait 'til morning. Tomorrow my plan is to get around fairly early and head on up to our eventual city of residence to turn in my signed teaching contract (YEA!!!) and begin the hunt for some temporary lodging. We have extremely limited resources; I may resort to finding some local restaurant that wants someone to come in and do Friday or Saturday night dinner music for tips... I did bring my watercolors, but I still have so many commissions to finish that I'm sort-of swamped. But God will provide. He always does.

After I post a fortune cookie and an English lesson, I'm off to bed. G'nite.

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