Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Roundup of interesting stuff I see out there today

Here's a few items I thought were interesting. Check 'em out.

--Glenn Reynolds' column at TechCentralStation: Rebooting Your Doctor

--Harvey over at IMAO asks:
It's always struck me as markedly unfair that smelly hippies have a peace sign, yet fans of mindless violence like myself have no war sign.

Unless we DO have one and no one told me. I've missed a few of the meetings.

Any suggestions for a good war sign?

--DC police chief declares "crime emergency". Oh, ya think? And this made me feel like I really would like to go visit my nation's capitol:
Three of the hold-ups occurred in late May on the National Mall, a part of the city usually untouched by crime. Late last night, two more robberies were reported on the Mall. The robbers targeted a family of four from Missouri and two women from Texas, police said. One woman was sexually assaulted in those attacks, police said.

What happened to all the stepped-up security measures? That place ought to be tighter than Jessica Simpson's cutoffs. I feel so much more confident about homeland security, I do.

--Did you know that you can turn a bar of Ivory Soap into a big soapy marshmallow if you microwave it?

--Scientists and historians are exhuming the remains of a castrato (a man who had his testicles removed as a young boy to preserve his high voice) to study the effects of early castration: Pavarotti on helium

--A show-jumping competition in Bordeaux, France, for riders with disabilities. This video depicts a couple of riders, the second of which is BLIND. Unbelievably cool. Her trainer rides another horse behind her and alerts her to upcoming jumps and turns.

And that's just some of what I've uncovered this morning. Hope you enjoy it!

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