Saturday, July 01, 2006

Road Trip, Day Two

After a peaceful night's sleep (finally... had to move into the other room, of course), we all got up and hopped into the mini-van and headed for Lake Texoma, where my parents have a little lake house in the woods. During my long drive from Iowa, I had had to pull over somewhere near Wichita because my "low tire pressure" indicator came on. I added air to the affected tire, checked the pressure to make sure it was adequate, and kept on coming. This morning when we started off for the lake, the indicator came on again. I pulled over to fill it again, and this time noticed the nailhead sticking out of the sidewall -- DOH! Thankfully it was only just barely leaking air, so I refilled it and we found a service place a few miles away that would fix a tire leak. The guy was totally cheerful and glad to help; it was his 29th birthday today (really!) but he'd just as soon be working as doing anything else, he said. That's what America's made of, now. People like him. Anyway, God was gracious and it only cost me $20.

At the lake, the kids went swimming and we grilled hamburgers and ate watermelon.

Here's MamaSue enjoying a slice.

After we got back home and started getting ready for bed, Isaac wanted to blog about several items of interest, so I took a picture of him blogging.

I felt a little off today, probably because of driving for twelve hours yesterday, plus my doctor has changed a couple of my BP meds to try to get me under control. So my heart is racing and doing strange things, and my blood glucose med (I have Type II diabetes) is setting off an atomic bomb in my gut. Pleasant topic, I know. Sorry. Anyway, I hate feeling weird while I'm traveling because it makes me not want to do anything or go anywhere. Total bummer. Maybe I'll wake up feeling a bit better.

I'm hoping to swing by a few school district offices next week... and hoping someone will want to hire me so I can know for sure what we'll be doing this fall. If I don't get hired anywhere down here, we can't leave Iowa because we absolutely must have healthcare coverage with no gaps -- our whole family's health is in varying states of fragility and we can't take any chances with anyone.

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