Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday pleasantries

Blue Fish and the gang were here for supper tonight, which was country-style pork spare ribs and broccoli-squash medley.

Red and I had tried to take the kids to the aquatic center today, but it rained incessantly on us and we froze to death, so we loaded back up and came over to my house for the rest of the day. She started -- and finished -- a baby cap knitted from turquoise and lime green yarn; the woman is a machine when it comes to knitting. Blue was feeling a bit crabby, like myself, so none of us were particularly chatty or witty. Nonetheless, I'm always in a better mood after having spent time with them. They're comfy.

And Jill and I discovered our mutual love for pork fat. It is truly one of the wonders of the food world.

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