Friday, July 07, 2006

Interview #2

I was glad I'd left early for this morning's interview, because on the way there I managed to spill an ENTIRE 44-oz strawberry limeade in my van (miraculously somehow missing myself and my own clothes entirely -- thank you Lord). I couldn't stop and spend the necessary time it would take to clean up the globs of mushy strawberry, limes, and sticky soda, so I just left it until the interview was done.

The interview went well; this district is about twice the size of the one I interviewed for yesterday -- still very small and rural but located on a major artery leading into the D/FW metroplex, so it's beginning to experience some explosive growth. He said if I were to be hired, I'd have to start on August 3rd, but that he'd be making phone calls next week in order to give the new teacher a chance to get things prepared.

At any rate, I don't expect to hear back from either place until the middle of next week sometime.

Once I finished there at the high school, I went hunting for a good place to stop and begin cleaning out the glop. I stopped at a grocery store and picked up some 409, some paper towels, and some Febreze, then pulled in at a gas station and opened the doors and began to spray down the carpets.

After that, I met mom & Beth and my kids in downtown Dallas at the Farmer's Market. There's no place like the Dallas Farmer's Market, that's what. Ho-ly-cow, if we move down here, I'm driving down there at least once a week. Totally worth the drive. Fresh veggies and fruit everywhere, plus all kinds of other stands selling crafts and homemade items. YUM!!!

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