Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Atlanta, Georgia is desperate for teachers

Cobb County Rushes To Fill Teacher Slots

Texas seems to be having the same trouble. Since I accepted a position at North Ruralville, I've gotten numerous voicemails from Dallas high schools wanting me to come to work for them.

The pay would've been far and away better, I know, but I think I made the right choice for my family. Once we get settled and stay here for a year, we'll evaluate our situation and see what we need to do. I'm going to try to establish a piano-teaching practice and perhaps sell some of my artwork again... maybe with all that, we'll get by. I hope.

The health insurance is going to eat us alive, I'm afraid. Here, the district only kicks in a tiny portion of the cost of health insurance, and the rest comes out of my check every month. Which then means I may end up making a fourth of what I was making in Des Moines public schools (which fully funded the employee health benefits). OUCH!! Our family's healthcare costs are enormous.

Good thing we like ramen noodles. That may be all we get to eat this year.

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