Monday, June 19, 2006

A visit to Ledges State Park

This morning after my nice long walk around Gray's Lake, we piled into the mini-van and headed up to Boone, Iowa to the Ledges State Park. It's basically a spot where the river cut interesting-looking channels through sandstone, and it's an idyllic, lovely spot. It's odd to find something like that in the middle of vast cornfields.

Notice the line of cliff-swallow nests... they were a very busy bunch of birds, swarming in and out and up and down among the sandstone ledges.

This was what Rick wanted to do for Father's Day -- this, and also to have lunch at Hickory Park restaurant in Ames. YUM!! We were having a totally wonderful, peaceful day until my sudden headache! But I knew there wasn't much I was going to be able to do about it, so I went on with life anyway. We all went out to the movies this afternoon to see "Cars" with Cindy and her boys. It's Benjamin's birthday today -- here's a picture I took of him at his baseball game last Saturday:

He's a terrific kid and a great athlete.

Soooo, despite the headache (which, thankfully, I was finally able to get under control with Aleve), we have had quite a nice day.

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