Friday, June 30, 2006

Today's English lesson

[from Common Errors In English]


Many people say, when sick to their stomachs, that they feel "nauseous" (pronounced "NOSH-uss" or "NOZH-uss") but traditionalists insist that this word should be used to describe something that makes you want to throw up: something nauseating. They hear you as saying that you make people want to vomit, and it tempers their sympathy for your plight. Better to say you are "nauseated," or simply that you feel like throwing up.


WRONG: Celery makes me nauseous. (if you're the one who's nauseous, then you're the one making people want to puke... not celery)
RIGHT: Celery makes me nauseated. [or] Celery makes me want to puke.
RIGHT: The nauseous aroma of celery was enough to drive me out of the room.

Doesn't it feel good to learn new stuff?

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