Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Potato guns don't kill people...

Woman hurt in spud-gun blast
A PERTH woman has been shot in the face by a spud gun as she peered down the barrel of the homemade weapon.

The 24-year-old received serious facial injuries when hit in the face with a solid paper ball after the gun accidentally fired.

Police said she had found her boyfriend's gun, designed to fire potatoes and other projectiles at high speed, in a shipping container in their backyard.

She picked it up and looked down the barrel as she placed it on the ground.

"But the spud-gun ignition switch fired and a solid paper ball hit her in the face," a police spokesman said.

Officers are yet to interview the woman, who is being treated in Royal Perth Hospital.

Her boyfriend has been summonsed to appear in court at a later date on a charge of possessing a controlled weapon.

Umm, yeah, banning POTATO GUNS is such a huge crime deterrent. Nanny governments are so ridiculous.

They'll get my potato gun when they pry it from my... oh, wait. I don't have a potato gun. I have a PELLET GUN. Mmm, yeah, now there's some serious firepower. It's my trusty varmint gun, and I keep it safely away from the kids. Kinda sad, really, because by the time I was Martha's age, I was quite good at operating the Daisy. Maybe someday we'll move back to a more rural setting where I can teach Isaac to use it. A good, responsible kid oughta know how to use a BB gun... just not in the inner-city. [grin]

I swear, I sometimes think we really ARE the Beverly Hillbillies, eating the weeds that grow in our yard, surreptitiously doing away with the squirrels... no see-ment ponds on the property, though.

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