Friday, June 02, 2006

Now here's a cool idea... anyone ever wonder what Mona Lisa's actual voice might've sounded like? No, me neither. But one guy did. I have always had a hard time imagining that this chick was a real person, but obviously she must've been. And now she's got a voice. For that matter, Da Vinci himself was also given a voice by this dude. Wonder what he would've said about all this Da Vinci Code kerfuffle? I think the book's a load of fictional hooey that has way too many idiotic, gullible people believing a load of shiznit, and I would imagine that Da Vinci himself, were he aware, would've told Dan Brown that he was nutso. But that's just me. Anyway, I think it's fun to imagine what ole Mona sounded like.

I wonder what Leo would've said if he'd known this little painting of this unknown woman would become one of his most famous works? Did he consider it one of his finest, or would he have chosen a different one of his works to become the most well-known?

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