Thursday, June 08, 2006

More puttering

Arrrgh! Blogger is achingly slow today. The big news out of Iraq must've sent all the bloggers into a feeding frenzy or something.

Which drives me out of doors. Okay, I would've been outdoors anyway, but for the sake of light humor, um, humor me.

I borrowed a nifty little tiller from my pal the Bass Man and have tilled up the front flowerbed. Now I'm going to put the ten coleus plants in and see what else I feel like doing. Whenever we figure out for sure what we're doing (moving or staying), I may have to talk Rick into investing in one of these little babies. It's not heavy duty or anything, but for small spots (which is all we have here in the 'hood) it's the bomb.

The kids have been working on workbooks every morning. They have to complete fifteen pages of the book each weekday in order to finish the book by the end of the summer. Everyone's got the book that corresponds to their ability level, and they're all three hard at work each morning. Call me a mean mom, but I have to keep my sanity somehow. They've got to be busy with something that's not TV-related, and I don't have the $$ for lessons. I am going to be starting Isaac on the piano this summer as well, but my own lessons are free. I may also take the kids to the lake or the river to swim occasionally. Isaac needs swimming lessons pretty bad, so I may hunt up some instructions on the Web and do that myself, too.

Putter, putter, putter. I love summer.

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