Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Isaac had an appointment with Dr. Duangchai Narawong, a pediatric neurologist, today. He was referred by our family physician because he was having unexplained headaches, fever and nausea. She has tentatively diagnosed him with early-onset migraines and has prescribed Inderal twice daily as a preventative (with Phenergan to take when he's nauseated). She's also going to do a cranial MRI to rule out any other cause.

I suppose we're going for the family MRI record or something. And of course, this now means that we know both of the pediatric neurologists in Des Moines. Alice has been seeing Dr. Haidar Kabbani for some time now and we love him very much. He has taken a very personal interest in Alice's case and is a genuinely nice man.

We liked Dr. Narawong, too. She was amused by Isaac's incessant chatter and joked with us. I appreciate humor in a neurologist, y'know?

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