Monday, June 05, 2006

ahCHOO... coff coff... my legs are killing me!!!

Well, my classroom is emptied of all things Kris. There's plenty of krep still in there, but it was all in there when I arrived, and I ain't touchin' it. I know that those who leave get blamed for stuff that goes missing, and I'm not about to give anyone any ammunition.

Martha & Isaac helped me bring all the boxes in; it's nice to have cooperative children who are excited to help. I could've used a few of them when I was loading it all up.

The dust stirred up by my activity in that dungeon classroom engendered quite a lot of sneezing, and toting all the heavy stuff has left my legs aching. Gripe, gripe, gripe.

IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, on to the task of job hunting.

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