Friday, May 26, 2006

We made it!

We left Des Moines at about 8PM yesterday and I drove all the way through the Iowa, Missouri and Kansas parts of our I-35 trek. I could've gone ahead and finished it out, but I could feel that I *could* actually sleep if given the opportunity, so I switched out with Rick for the Oklahoma section and slept like a rock for that couple of hours. When we crossed over into Texas, it was finally daylight and I had had my nap out, so I took over again and brought us into Denton to my folks' house at 7AM.

I also watched five Season 7 episodes of SVU on my iPod. No, I put it on pause during the thunderstorms in Kansas... but during the miles and miles and miles of dark nothingness, you gotta have something. Last time, it was the Naked Scientist podcasts. This time, SVU. God bless the inventor of the iPod.

Maybe it's because I'm getting old or something, but I just don't have trouble doing the all-night drive and recovering from it... dunno if it's because I don't need as much sleep as I used to, or what.

Myparents' house is FULL of kids and dogs, since my cousins and I have all descended upon it with our families. I'm the oldest cousin and have been married the longest, so my kids are the big ones of the group. My cousin Matt and his wife are here and they've just had Baby #4 a couple of weeks ago, so we have a 12 year old and a newborn and every age in between. Thankfully the house is nice and big, and Mom had a nice, dark, quiet, cool bedroom awaiting Rick & me so we could let the kids be awake and we could snooze as soon as we arrived.

Tonight's the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner... pix to come.

I love that my parents have wi-fi here at this place. What's funny to me is that they have no idea how to use it or even where it originates from. The house was set up for wireless before they even moved in and they didn't know it. The first time I visited, I fired-up the laptop and was shocked to find that I had internet access. Yessss!!! I think that if/when we move, I won't even have to sign up for home internet. I'll just come over here and bum it off my mom, just like I used to do with the washer and dryer when I was in college. heh

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