Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Stuff I think is interesting

Here are a few things I've run across today on the web that you might find interesting.


Send-A-Brick Project

Here's a project meant to send a message to your congressman. I like the concept behind this one. It's long past time to put a real end to the scourge of illegal immigration. I'm a big proponent of LEGAL immigration, mind you. I'm just sick of the lackadaisical attitude that authorities have had toward those who are breaking our laws and endangering our country.


Divorce And Remarriage in the Bible

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Read it and tell me what YOU think.

I think that too many Christians have equated divorce with the unpardonable sin. Call me an infidel if you like. I'm just not convinced anymore that it's the worst thing in the world. Why should someone be doomed forever to a life with someone they mistakenly aligned themselves with? Is there no grace or redemption in such situations?


Elderly woman refuses to pay property taxes until city gets the drug dealers and prostitutes off her front lawn.

Go, Jo, Go!!!


Affirmative Action, Indian-Style

When I was in the eighth grade, we lived in a large South Texas city. I took an exam to determine possible placement in a gifted-talented high school and I scored very high. Unfortunately, it wasn't high enough, because they had a quota of Hispanics and Blacks to fill. The test scores required for those individuals was significantly lower than the test scores allowing Caucasian admission. As it ended up, we moved away before I could begin high school there, but I remember being outraged about that situation. It was unfair to me, and it was also insulting to the ethnic minorities because it assumed they couldn't meet higher standards.


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