Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rick is going to kill me

I have become a catblogger. Times two.

We have some good friends who found a group of young kittens abandoned in their yard with no sign of their mother anywhere. Of course they brought them over to "show them off," so to speak, and with the ulterior motive of farming them out to families who could help care for them. Think I have the ability to resist? Yeah, right.

Most of the kittens were Siamese-mix in appearance, and two were smoky-black. I had actually been wanting some Siamese-mix kittens, so I took two of them. One is a straight lilac-point, and the other has some cool extra markings on her face that give her a little more rakish look. They're both females and --holy moly-- they're talkative. Typical Siamese, for sure!

No names picked out yet.

Rick is really going to be pleased, I know. [ducking]

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