Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Names... I think...

I hunted around for some Thai names, since their long-ago ancestors came from there. They're both girls, so I chose "Nai-Yana" and "Kaji", both girl nicknames in Thailand. Kaji is pictured here:

I've been feeding them kitten formula (Wal-Mart had a plethora of supplies for orphaned kittens, to my surprise). Kaji is the more aggressive sister and keeps guard over the kennel entrance. She hisses a warning to Bijou whenever she gets too close and is generally peskier already. She's rangy, unlike her sedentary and somewhat rounder sister. Nai-Yana is quieter, preferring to sleep quietly at the back of the kennel. She seems to be the "sweet" one.

I like the names, but I don't know if the kids will like them or not. Rick is home and obviously did not listen to his voicemail, because he was surprised -- and not in a good way. He gets rather irritable at times like these. [sigh] Let's hope I can convince him to let them stay... maybe I can remind him that I'll take the kids and the animals and move south and he won't have to deal with them.

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