Monday, May 01, 2006

I heart Popeye's

Some kind and wonderful individual put in a Popeye's franchise in the Des Moines metro area several months ago.

Now, before you Cajun-food-lovers get totally bent out of shape, please understand me when I tell you that there is NO PLACE to get Cajun food of any kind (decent or otherwise) here in this one-horse town.

So when the Popeye's fast-food restaurant went in, I thought I was in heaven. My friend Judy took me through the drive-through on the night it opened, even though the line was probably thirty cars long, just so I could have some beans n' rice.

The restaurant is still packed-out nearly every time I go by. I hope that portends another Popeye's or two in the metro. It's the only place in Des Moines that I can get fried catfish... and how cool is it that I can get it without even leaving my car? YIPPEEE!!!

I certainly don't have it often; it's in Urbandale, up by the Burlington Coat Factory store, and I'm hardly ever up that part of the metro area anymore. But what a nice treat! My happiest thank-yous to the wonderful person who put that store in.

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