Monday, May 15, 2006

Another candidate for Mother of the Year

From the Toledo Blade:


Bold teenage prostitute wanted out of 'game'

And the money quote comes from the end of the article, from Jessica's obviously high-class mother:

And Jessica said she's given up prostitution and is seeking other work. She's applied for a cleaning job at a hotel, she said.

Jessica won't say why she doesn't want to go back to selling sex. She just doesn't want to -- it's that simple.

Standing nearby, Ms. Klempner laughed at the question.

"Me? I'd like to be a high-price call girl," she said. "Sex with complete strangers can be fun sometimes. I'm sorry, maybe I'm too honest, but yeah. You know, the money aspect? I mean, why not?"

To Jessica's mother, transactional sex has its advantages.

"You marry a guy and you gotta give him sex and you're not even getting basically nothing out of it," she said.

"These ones I can send home when I'm done with them."

Mom oughta be prosecuted for creating the environment which allowed her daughter to get into prostitution. What a pathetic excuse for a mother... she's more likely to talk her daughter into going back into the business just so she can have the bennies of free $$$.

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