Friday, April 28, 2006

Traffic in the 'hood

There's only really one time each year that I dislike being a resident of the neighborhood surrounding Drake University. This is that time. It's called Drake Relays days. Suddenly everything erupts into bizarre traffic idiocy, parking along every spare millimeter of curb for six blocks in every direction, and streets closed for runners. GRR! People seem to be unable to obey simple traffic laws. Frat brats are congregating by the dozens in front yards, shouting things to one another across the street.

I am going to be SO GLAD when this weekend is finished, even though it means back to work. There's a freedom in knowing that my time at that workplace is finite. It has caused me all the distress and anxiety that it can, and in just a little over a month, it'll be done.

I'm not going back to work there next year.

I will let you know what I will be doing next year... but not right now. Soon.

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