Monday, April 17, 2006


I have GOT to get packing, but I'm sitting here with another of my headaches instead. I'm going to turn off the computer and force myself to accomplish something in spite of my throbbing cranium. I think I've been clenching my jaw again, which always brings on a headache.

I don't really know why I'm tense, to be honest. I'm just on the verge of having all my paperwork done at school, which will leave me free to not worry about it while I'm in Canada. The trip itself is going to be awesome; I'm bringing my own guitar along (as well as all my other musical equipment) and Jeff & I are going to try to do some songwriting/arranging. We've already got another one almost finished; it's one that I wrote words to while I was bored to death administering standardized tests a couple of weeks ago. He put it to a cool melody that makes me think of Southern rock. We just need to tweak some of the phrasing and nail down the bridge and find a "hook" to put with it. We were hoping to get some time to do that on the drive up, and since my guitar is a "mini," it won't be as difficult to play in a small space.


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