Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pre-teen fashions

Okay, can I get a witness up in here? It is durn near impossible to find clothes for an eleven-year-old girl who's already in junior sizes but that department is still just a few years too grown-up looking.

We were on the prowl at the mall tonight, looking for Martha something pretty to wear to my sister's wedding in May. We finally found an ensemble I think will work, although it took a little scouting and a lot of creativity. The top part we found at Von Maur, and the skirt we found at Banana Republic. The shoes are from PayLess; I am not spending big bucks for her shoes until her feet stop growing. They've already far surpassed my own in size -- a fact for which I am eternally grateful because she no longer steals my shoes -- but they're still going upwards and I'm afraid to PayMore when I can PayLess, yanno?

I'd complain and say that someone needs to invent a store just for pre-teen girls, but the problem is that stores like "Limited Too" try to fill that niche and just don't go up large enough for girls that grow up physically faster than others. Actually, the junior department would be fine except that the trendy stuff these days is so trashy-looking that I wouldn't dream of allowing her to wear such stuff at her age.

And, of course, she's all about the "bling" which makes my job just that much harder. It's difficult to find formal attire for a Daddy Yankee fan. [shudder]

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