Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My next must-have item

I never thought I'd see the day, but I think I'm becoming a junkie already. A music-equipment junkie, that is.

I just got back from Rod's house where we all got together to watch our blues night performance on video (thanks to Mr. Saxophone Don Brown). That night I was using a special footpedal add-on that Dewey lent to me... I was already in love with it, but now that I've heard it from the audience perspective, I know that I simply MUST have it. What is it? Well, it's a little doodad that takes a plain organ sound on my Roland and turns it into a screamin' B3 with Leslie that sounds about as close to the real thing as anything I ever heard. It most definitely improves my sound, which in turn improves my playing... when you feel like you sound good, you start being more confident with your playing. At least that's my experience.

Any-hoo, here's the critter I just gotta get:

It's a foot switch that you hook up between the keyboard and the amp, and it alters the sound when you turn the on/off switch... and then the right-side switch makes the sound wah-wah faster or slower, just like a real Hammond. Zowee, it's the bomb. It's just $225... way less than a real B3 would cost me, and a lot less bulky too. This is without question going to be my next equipment purchase. And until I can get the $225 saved up, I know Dewey will let me use it when we're playing the blues. I just wish I already had it so I could use it at church; holy cow, it's terrific. But I'll be patient.

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