Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I finally got an overdue school project finished and turned in today... which feels like a gigantic weight lifted off the top of my head. Now on to the next big thing, which is to get all the IEPs (Individualized Education Plan) finished for all my students (present and former) before the State of Iowa comes in to audit us in mid-April. I'm secretly happy-dancing because I will be gone to Quebec during that audit... heh... [cue up the "Woo-hoo" song right here]

When I have overdue things, it tends to "paralyze" me and prevent me from doing other things that need to get done. I'm hoping this will break the dam and stuff will start happening again.

Oooh... I've got FOXnews on and they've just reported that the Democrats have declared they'll finish off Osama Bin Laden with their new policies.

Uh-huh. Riiiiight. [snicker] UPDATE: The guys at FARK think that's funny, too. Here's their comment:

Democrats promise to "eliminate" bin Laden if elected. Also, gas will be a nickel, and hot supermodels will want sleep with you, even though you are doughy and broke. Whatver you want. Just vote for them.

And another thing: Zacarias Moussaoui (or however the heck you spell his name) is a LIAR. Doesn't the Koran say that it's okay to lie to infidels? Why is anything that man says admissible in court? He is not bound by anyone to tell the truth -- on the contrary, it's honorable to lie in order to further Allah's cause, right? I just want to backhand the idiots who actually think anything he says can possibly be taken at face value.

Okay, Sharon Stone thinks that Hillary is a "hot babe" and thinks that America is too conservative-right to elect a woman who's... oh, wait... I used the word "thinks"... sorry, my bad. Does anyone care what Sharon Stone has to say about politics? If so, why?

Finally, what is with this Claassen dude who's suing eHarmony.com? He's not legally divorced yet, but wants to "move on" with his life and doesn't think eHarmony should get to discriminate against him just because they only accept UNMARRIED people. And what kind of lawyer takes this case? Shame on 'em. Look, there are any number of online dating services that DON'T discriminate. Go join Yahoo-Personals, for pete's sake.

Okay, I'm done ranting.

Rick's job has changed back to second shift now, so for those of you who might think I neglect my children by being so involved in music, you can rest easy knowing I'm their sole caregiver every evening. YES, we read stories. YES, we pray together. YES, we have heart-to-heart talks. And as always, I'm the one Isaac comes crying to whenever he has a nightmare, and I'm the one whose lap he wants to sit in and rock. I'm the one who has always had to wrestle with how to handle disciplinary issues, because that's not something Rick has ever been totally comfortable or confident in. His own parents were somewhat dysfunctional and not really good examples to follow.

But I don't often talk about that kind of stuff, which then must make it seem as though I have no relationship with my children and that I'm too busy. Truth be told, I try to post things on this blog that people will be interested in reading. I know that I get bored with reading blogs that are Monotone Mommy Mumblings, filled with minutia about the kids.

That being said, I'll try to do better about regular kid updates, because I also know that there are people who ARE interested in them.

Let's see... Isaac is breathlessly awaiting the Spring Scramble, the yearly mad dash for candy & goodies that our church holds around Eastertime. He's seriously contemplating his dash strategies and discussing all the options.

Alice fell to the floor pretty hard this evening when she and Isaac accidentally tripped over one another. She's okay; I briefly thought she'd really hurt herself because I saw how she fell, but apparently she's tougher than she looks. Only a bruise on her hip, I think.

Martha is making progress. Tonight when I said, "I love you" at bedtime, she answered "I love you, too." That is big-time progress. She would never say it before, but now she seems to be able to freely give and receive love in an appropriate way, free of anger and hostility. Now if there were a pill one could give a kid to make them not do stupid brainless stuff...

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